Stuff made by a dude in a fedora!

How to not pick up chicks.

This one was a bit different. A dialogue scene. Two people talking. I even wrote a cheesy script!

I also ran into a problem.

The weekend I wanted to check out a fancy HD camera from the school to shoot this. They were all checked out. Even the mics and tri-pods! I had to improvise and use my dinky little digital camera. You know, the kind you buy at Wal-Mart to take pictures on vacation that just so happens to have a video feature. I had to get my mother to play camerawoman thus the shaky-ness. Half the shots were unusable due to breaking continuity too much (and some of the finished product still breaks continuity a little). And I had to slap on a music track (bonus points if you recognize it.)

It was an interesting exercise in improvisation, to say the least. The idea is two guys are at a party and go ask out a hot chick (who does not exist, I can only afford so many unpaid actors!)

No outtakes reel this time. Not enough funny to warrant it, I felt. Hope you enjoyed this silly little video!

– Al


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