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It Begins! Again!

And you thought this blog was dead! Ha!

I’m here to present my first post-school Black Hat project. A vlog!



Yes, not a crowning achievement in video editing, but I’ve been wanting to start a gaming blog for a while. I got a fancy video camera for Christmas and figured I should be using it!

By the way, I miss Final Cut. While I was able to put together that video blog with Windows Movie Maker, it was tedious. That and I had to convert all my video clips into a file format that WMM would read. Note to self, when I get enough money, get a copy of Final Cut Pro…

As for the vlog itself, its gonna focus on Gaming. I’m a gamer, I like video games. I might also cover cartoons since I’m a bit of an animation buff (especially in recent months), or as I said in the video whatever I like. I”m trying to be flexible with this whole thing. Hopefully this is the first step to many fun adventures on Youtube.

Or a reason for people to gripe at me. Most likely thing to happen, really.

– Al



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