Stuff made by a dude in a fedora!

What is BHP?

This blog started as part of an assignment for my video production class in college. We were come up with a fancy name for a hypothetical production company we ran for our final project. I wear a black hat, the name for my production company seemed simple for me.

Not wanting a perfectly good looking blog to go to waste, I’m using it now to share new video projects I’m taking on, be they vlogs, live concerts, or just whatever I feel like making a “professional” video out of and the things I’d like to talk about it.

Basically, Black Hat Productions is a one-man film & video entertainment company. That’s fancy talk for “dude with a camera and too much time on his hands.”

Here is my Youtube channel, where I’ll be uploading said videos.

– Al “Calnos” Calamita


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